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A collaboration with the Pope of Pop: Matt Love


I must eat
I must have a corndog
do you hear me?
I need a corndog right now
bring me a corndog, and put some mustard on it
put some mustard on it
I want it on one of those little paper trays
I must eat, I must eat
I'm hungry, I'm hugry, do you hear me?
give me a corndog, give me a corndog right now
give me that corndog
yes, yes, I want that one over there
the one with the stick protruding from it
covered in corn batter
with a sausage in the middle
yes, yes, give me that corndog
give me a corndog, or give me death
I say: corndog, corndog now
yes, give me a corndog, I must have a corndog
I must eat, I must eat
I'm hungry, I'm hungry, do you hear me?
do you hear me?
bring that corndog to me
bring it on one of those little paper trays
I want a napkin, give me a linen napkin
I want a napkin and a table cloth
I want a table cloth and I want a TV in the corner
playing the latest sport events
I'm going to eat my corndog
my date will be with me
she will have a corndog, too
bring me two corndogs
bring me two corndogs now
that is what I must have
corndogs, corndogs, corndogs
then, for desert, I want a corndog
bring me a corndog for desert
yes, corndogs are the answer
the answer to all our problems
corndogs are the cornerstone of the universe
the foundation of it all
corndogs rule above us all
and I must have one
I must have one, I must have one right now
and then I must have another
another corndog for desert
I'll bring my date - a corndog for her desert, also
altogether we will have four corndogs
we'll have four corndogs, sitting in the restaurant
with our linen table cloth
and our linen napkins in our laps
it will be wonderful
and yes, for drink, we will have some cornjuice
give me cornjuice, and give my date cornjuice, also
we must have cornjuice
we must eat corndogs, and drink cornjuice
yes, yes, yes


released July 25, 2017




GyZ Budapest, Hungary

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